2019   New Paintings

In the summer I painted en plein air not far from my home. The first painting is a view looking south from a picnic area in Pouch Cove.

In this one you see Biscayne Cove which is on the tip of the Avalon Peninsula.

I love the immediacy of working outside in watercolour. It is so fast and captures the moment. Both of these paintings have been accepted into an Member’s Exhibition by the Society of Canadian Artist in Point Claire, Quebec.

2016    On The Edge

In October this is my solo show at Christina Parker Gallery in St John’s, Newfoundland.

The paintings in this collection are about the strategic skills used by plants that are growing in challenging environments. The results of this interaction are often unexpected and fascinating to me. Many times I wonder if my progress in life would have been entirely different if Science had been taught at the girl’s school I attended in Zimbabwe. The excitement generated in observing and becoming educated about the plant kingdom has almost become an obsession. Through this challenge of self education, and the Newfoundland environment around me, I have been exploring the geological effects that change and enhance the accompanying verdure.


Langjokull Glacier, Iceland  2015  acrylic  24 x 48 in


Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland   2015   acrylic   24 x 48 in


Skeidararjokull Glacier, Iceland    2015   acrylic   24 x 48 in


Barnafoss, Iceland  2015  acrylic   24 x 48 in


Alpine Waterfall, Iceland  2015  acrylic  48 x 24 in



Artist’s Canyon, Death Valley, California  2015  acrylic   24 x 48 in


Aguereberry Point, Death Valley, California  2015  acrylic24 x 48 in


Death Valley View, California  2015  acrylic   20 x 50 in


Brimstone Head, Fogo Island, Newfoundland  2016   acrylic  24 x 48 in


Black Rock Cove, Fogo Island, Newfoundland   2016   acrylic24 x 48 in


Lion’s Den, Fogo Island, Newfoundland  2016  acrylic   20 x 50 in


Tablelands, Gros Morne Park, Newfoundland   2016   acrylic36 x 72 in


Burnt Cape, Newfoundland  2016   acrylic   36 x 72 in


Through The Trees, East Coast Trail, Newfoundland  2016   60 x 144 in


The Final Edge, Newfoundland  2016  acrylic  48 x 24 in

2016    A trip up the Northern Peninsula

p lookout above norris point

Five artists from Toronto came for a two week painting trip. On the first day we went to the look out above Norris Point.

p east arm bonnebay lookout 1

East Arm Bonne Bay

p cape onion1

Cape Onion. Humpback whales were feeding on a school of capelin just off the headland.

p broome point 2

Broome Point. Here you see Western Brook Pond in the distance. It is a view I have painted before but cannot resist painting again!

2014    Floral Fantasy

crevice garden2    Crevice Garden    2014    watercolour    10 x 29 in

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