About Diana

along our shore

along our shore in Shoe Cove

Through vibrant colour,  I attempt to present natural aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador — its underwater world, shorelines, icebergs, seabirds along its rocky cliffs, its bogs, forests and fields inland, its unique geology and the aerial vistas that show the form of the land. The surface teems with details from the natural environment,  capturing the duality of its fragility and durability under the harsh conditions on the eastern edge of Canada. The subtlety of the sparkling sunlight, delicate petals and fish scales metallic sheen are captured in the freshness of watercolour, traditional egg tempera on board, the brilliance of oil or acrylic, and linen and fabric hangings and sculptures.

Observations of the surrounding environment help me build up a storehouse of experiences, memories that are supported by an expanding collection of reference photographs and scientific facts that, through contemplation and emotional response, provide the stimulus for my work.

I live in the community of Shoe Cove, north of St John’s on the east coast of Newfoundland looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

photograph by Gerald Vaandering