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Di’s Blog

October 24, 2016

Two pieces of news!

My solo show at Christina Parker Gallery in St John’s, Newfoundland is on view there until next week, but you can see it all in my Exhibition page here!

I was accepted into “Open Water”, the annual exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour in Toronto ….. and I won the Jarvis award for my painting, East Arm, Bonne Bay. Fantastic hey! I am totally chuffed as it is not an easy show to get into.


August 18, 2016

Just back from a two week trip with the Pords up the Northern Peninsula. The Pords are a group of 4 artists from Toronto who have been painting together for 30 years around Toronto and on many trips around the world  For the past two Septembers I have been to Killarney Park on Georgian Bay in Ontario with some of them and the Ontario Society of Artists. They have been on a number of trips to Newfoundland, but are focused on a show of Newfoundland works in Toronto in December at the Aird Gallery.

We had a fabulous trip. The weather was great with a bit of rain for good watercolour cloud effects! A week in Gros Morne Park, 5 days in Raleigh on the tip and 2 days at River of Ponds on the way back were a total pleasure. It is so inspiring to paint with such a group!

p east arm bonnebay lookout 1

I was particularly interested in collecting data and inspiration for the last two works for my solo show at Christina Parker Gallery opening on October 7.

March 24, 2016

Work is continuing on the new show so I thought I would show you a few new ones today. Some of them “fall off the end of the brush” but others involve a lot of sweat!

iceland waterfallb

Iceland  Waterfall

lionsdenb   Lion’s Den, Fogo Island

This one is eluding me though … any suggestions?

agueregerry pointb    Agueregerry Point, Death Valley

This one was a joy to work on and brought back many memories from a year ago.

blackrockcoveb    Black Rock Cove, Fogo Island

Another with a lot of sweat!

deathvalleyviewb    Death Valley View

Another that has been fun to work on.

February 5, 2016


I am working towards a solo exhibition later this year on the theme “On The Edge”. Here is a 3 by 6 foot painting in progress for you to see. I roughly block it in and have photograph details of plants to paint along the front edge. This one is of the Tablelands in GRos Morne Park on the west coast of Newfoundland.


Here the river is roughed in and the serpentine rocks of the peridotite and Alpine Campions.


Slowly the painting is developing, but there is a lot more to do.

September 9, 2015

I just spent a week on Fogo Island painting watercolours and collecting material for my new series about On The Edge Challenging environments and the plants that grow there. The weather was not the greatest with cold rain many days. The Island has a thriving fishery and a growing tourist industry. The latter mostly developing from the amazing architecture of an Inn and 4 artist studios by the Shorefast Foundation and Zita Cobb. Do look it up on line if you are interested.

fogo 035

The view from my cabin!


August 26, 2015

Oh my! I haven’t been updating this blog in a while.

I have been working on a number of new paintings in acrylic. they focus on challenging environments and the plants that grow there. It has been quite engrossing with glaciers from Iceland and Death Valley.

However the new announcement is that we have our annual open studio this weekend in Pouch Cove. there is lots of information on our webpage


and I hope that you will pay us all a visit!

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Hibiscus acrylic 2014


June 27, 2015

I have just finished adding images to “Activities” for the commissions in the Community Hospital in the Monterey Peninsula. The Hospital Director, Tom Tonkin, visited Newfoundland in the 1980s when he was at a conference in Montreal. He had heard so much about this place from a Jesuit priest called Tom Farrell who had been with the Newfoundland regiments during World War 2, and couldn’t resist the chance to visit here. He was wandering along Duckworth Street and went into the Salt Box where he bought a number of my silk hangings. When he wanted to buy art for the Birthing Centre, and later the Cancer Centre, he contacted me with the commission. He flew me down to Monterey, all expenses paid, to show me places of interest he wanted in the artworks …… later he visited us socially and toured the province, even up the Labrador on the ferry. He bought numerous works of art from here for the hospital including a number of soapstone sculptures.

073cc lonecypress     The Lonely Cypress on Seventeen Mile Drive

June 23, 2015

You haven’t heard from me for a while …. I have been busy converting all my colour slides of past work into digital images …. and what fun it has been to look at all this again!  Do look at my updated Gallery — Exhibitions to enjoy a selection from them. Do go to the last entry which is an installation image from my first exhibition in Canada in 1972!

034d     Golden Shower Pergola from “Tropical Garden — Newfoundland Stream” 1989

June 4, 2015

In 2013 and 2014 I spent a lot of time experiencing the medical system in St John’s. It started August 13 with extreme pain which, after 24 hours, took me to hospital Emergency with life-threatening perforated appendix and toxic infection! I was there on serious antibiotics for 10 days and discharged, only to return a day later with a pulmonary effusion from a blood clot in the right lung and a further 21 days. I was ill for months with a return attack, warfarin and surgery until April 2014.

The whole experience left me with vivid images that were persistently in my mind, so I painted them out … and here they are!

appendix1a      Miasma 1    The Agony

You can see the rest as an online exhibition in my Gallery.

May 25, 2015

I have been working over the past few months on a series of watercolours about my close shave with death 18 months ago. It has been a way for me to take the strong visual residue out of my brain and put it on paper. The works are not quite complete. I plan to post them on this webpage as an on-line exhibition but wondered what you all thought about that idea?????